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Jelly Records
Seelingstr.24, 14059 Berlin
Fon: 030 - 30 10 51 00Mobil: 0171 - 834 31 32

Ruffians-CD „GuteDinge” bei Megaphon Music (eMail)
Kullack-CD „Hamburg-Berlin” bei Megaphon Music (eMail)
Jimmy Slick-CD „Punk´n´Roll” bei Megaphon Music (eMail)
Shirley Beans-CD „To keep you save, to make you groan and to meet you at the bottom” bei Megaphon Music (eMail)
Casino Gitano-CD „La Mentira de los Payos” bei Jelly Records (eMail)
Los Bomberos de Monte Cruz-CD „Los Bomberos” bei Jelly Records (eMail)

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Los Bomberos de Monte Cruz
Single Maxi CD "Bum Bum"
4 Tracks + 8 Videos!

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